Gifts From A Chair Bound Writer

First, a shout-out of gratitude to Empire Lois for prompting me to do a little brainstorming about gift-giving. Thanks Doll!

Unable to do much shopping other than perusing the internet and clicking happily to buy this for Dad, that for Mom, those for my kids, etc., I’ve considered taking advantage of my massive down time to create homemade gifts for everyone.

Crocheting or knitting was my first consideration, but with a dog fur laden house that I am unable to clean, the use of yarn seems to be out of the question. Yarn is like a magnet for fur that would wedge its way into my handiwork, setting off allergic reactions in my extended family members with a domino effect of epic and hilarious proportions. Tempted as I am, it would seem a profound waste of time and materials.

Cross stitch! I used to be pretty good at cross stitch and embroidery in my younger years, creating a few magnificent works of art that hang, beautifully framed, in my mother’s storage closet. A quick visit to the internet and a few clicks and days later, the two kits of supplies arrived. Ten microscopic stitches and a few airborne strands of dog fur later, this project was also nixed. Thankfully, a fellow dog parent who loves to do cross stitch was happy to accept the donation of the kits.

Gah.  Maybe quilting? After a little research and a lot of curiosity, I think this just might be a possibility. But that would be a lot of quilts. Maybe I should just keep this in the “maybe” file.

Writing? Why not?! Why not a self-published little book of memories I have of the giftee, with a little odd fact or humor interjected here and there? I like it.  The only materials I would need at this time is my computer. Yes, I like this idea. Can’t wait to develop it!

Happy Day-After-Christmas-Day to you!


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