Reason to Believe provides this definition of “believe”: definition of believe

What is it, at the end of a Bruce Springsteen day, I find to believe in?

Given the above definition there is a plethora of items to which I have given my confidence, convictions, and suppositions. Following is a list of the ones that come immediately to mind:

  1. God – the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit
  2. Love – bears all things (my husband)
  3. The Word of God (Holy Bible)
  4. My sons, my parents, and my friends still need me

Most other things fall within those four. For example, I believe strongly in the marriage I am in with my wonderful husband for all the reasons that fall within item 2 in the list above.

My nature is to serve others and knowing that I am still needed by certain people in my life motivates me to keep pressing forward and not give up. As long as I am alive my children have a staunch ally on their side. Where others might fail, I would be there for them. As long as I am alive, they will know they are loved unconditionally, and they have an ally that will fight to the death for them.

I also believe in the sheer joy of food. Particularly pizza. Especially Papa Murphy’s pizza, the enjoyment of which is nearly akin to fantastic “intimate relations” in my humble opinion.

I believe there is a  slice or two awaiting me in the refrigerator at this moment.

I also believe I’ll go indulge. With some fresh veggies, because I believe my steps to a healthy lifestyle include these treats every day. Every.Single.Day.

Of all the things you believe in, which one stirs your heart the most?



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 © Maria R. Conklin and Journey Of A Tired Heart, 2015-2016

8 thoughts on “Reason to Believe

  1. “Of all the things you believe in, which one stirs your heart the most?” Well, I suppose I shall have to steal your coy expression of fantastic intimate relations, because that alone made me giggle and blush a lot. I also believe in fresh Lychees, which I have only discovered today. They
    are exceptionally juicy and full of health benefits, but have a stone in the middle, which my tooth is complaining about now. Hrmph.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. This post made me think of the Savage Garden song Affirmation. It was my anthem when it came out. A lot of it still holds true :).

    I believe that I’m so fortunate to have found my true love.
    Not only because he loves me so well but he also shows me how to love the parts of myself I’m not so thrilled with while encouraging me to be great.


  3. As always, your post is absolutely, and occasionally brutally honest. Your beliefs have been formed and forged by the significant life experiences you have enjoyed and endured. Thank you for reminding me that we do have beliefs that are weaved into the fabric of our lives, some of which we may not be consciously aware of.

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