I will be there

From the beginning of this debilitating illness well-meaning friends have said or written those same words I have said or written myself, “If you need anything, please let me know.”  A few angels have actually come forward to offer help I didn’t ask for, like meals prepared or gift cards to local restaurants, and one very special angel even spent a day cleaning this filthy house.  You know who you are, precious one, and the gift you gave me that day is worth more than a truck load of gold.

Once I recover from this mess – assuming I will – those words will never leave my lips or fingertips again.  I vow, with all that is in me, that I will meditate and pray, and try to imagine life with your illness or your heartbreak, or your disaster, and I will view the world through your eyes as God allows, and with that vision I will see all the things you once did that you cannot do now.  And I will be there.  I will cook for you, clean for you, and contact you often to see how you are doing.  I will hold you when you just need to cry, and I will give of myself to you until I have nothing left to give.  All of this will I do with a cheerful and loving heart, and you and I will find in the midst of it all the precious blessings of God.

I never saw this need before.  I always assumed that someone would be there to take care of you.  I didn’t realize I was that someone.  I missed it.  Please forgive me.


© Maria R. Conklin and Journey Of A Tired Heart, 2015-2016

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