A Bad Day

Let me hide behind these four walls

With only myself to blame

Body, spirit, and mind are worn

From dealing with the pain.

Please don’t ask me to talk with you

Don’t ask me to be kind

Don’t accuse me of just laziness

For wasting so much time.

Every fiber of energy I can pull

Every shred of hopeful light

Must dedicate itself to choose

Not death, not yet, but life.


© Maria R. Conklin and Journey Of A Tired Heart, 2015-2016

3 thoughts on “A Bad Day

  1. Wow. How powerful. That’s like me. I hate being beat down by my pain and illness that everyone thinks,I’m fine but I’m not. And I want to be back to myself more,than anything. I’m an RN and I can’t work anymore. It’s hard to just clean my house and take care of my dogs and go get groceries and run a few errands. I have never been lazy…but there are many days I can’t get out of bed. The brain confusion is terrible. I was just in the hospital and just cause I was alert and oriented x 3 they think I’m ok.


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